WIZEgem – our vision

At WIZEgem, we believe that everyone is a unique individual; that everyone should have the power to directly influence the products they consume. WIZEgem is so easy to use that it completely removes the barrier that prevents most people from designing their own 3D jewelry models. Our application enables the customer to go from wearer to designer with no prior experience or training.

WIZEgem is based on a 3D online engine developed and tailored for jewelry design. We have invested a great deal in our technology and algorithm, to provide the most advanced features possible, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface.

What makes WIZEgem the most advanced yet accessible design tool?

  • Web-based application with no need to download or install any SW
  • 3D design tool developed exclusively for jewelry items and accessories
  • Simple and intuitive processes, easily accessed by users with no previous experience and with a minimal learning curve
  • Includes a variety of ready-made jewelry elements, yet supports the import of external models
  • Enables users to fully customize elements, easily and quickly in order to design their own bespoke jewelry
  • Supports easy integration with jewelry market place platforms, where designers and sellers can share items and enables customers to fully customize them online
  • The fastest “3 step” design tool for fully customized jewelry: