WIZEgem is now on the Shapeways Apps page

3D printing is progressing rapidly; now everyone and anyone can have their ideas brought to life instantly and in a seemingly never-ending range of materials.

One of the most popular entry point ideas for the at-home designer is jewelry: relatively small and inexpensive, the inexperienced designer can create an enduring piece of wearable art in just minutes. Now WIZEgem is listed on the Shapeways Apps page, that reality has been brought even closer, a new and original piece of jewelry is literally just a few clicks away.

WIZEgem is a unique application, in that it enables users from across the spectrum to access an extremely powerful piece of software that provides unlimited options for jewelry design. Some customers that access the WIZEgem application are from a design and 3D modelling background, however the app is also aimed at the novice user.

Now that WIZEgem can be accessed directly from the Shapeways Apps page more people will be designing, wearing and enjoying their own bespoke jewelry designs.

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