Inspiration, Imagination, and Realization: The World of 3D Printed Jewelry

3D printing. These words and discussions surrounding the novel technology have been inundating media as of late, boasting benefits when applied to multitude of fields and arenas. 3D printing technology and capabilities are quickly revolutionizing our world and the way in which humans function within it, transforming concepts, ideas, possibilities and goals previously unattainable into tangible realities. 3D printed items can mitigate physical injuries, create low-cost resources, and help preserve our ever-precious (and somewhat precarious) environment and ecosystem.

Working toward this goal is Matthew Markus, co-founder of revolutionary start-up Pembient. The company uses 3D printing as a means to conserve the rare and endangered fauna of our world, more specifically the dwindling rhinoceros population. Poaching serves as the primary threat to these animals, hunted to near extinction in order to harvest their horns and sell them, for an extremely high price, on the blackmarket. The hope is that the 3D printed horns, looking nearly identical to the authentic rhinoceros ivory, will lessen the demand for the real stuff. The faux ivory would be more plentiful for sellers, as well as more reasonably priced for buyers, drastically decreasing rhino poaching.

However, 3D printing technology is gaining popularity not only in commercial organizations and business. According to, the market for personal, desktop 3D printers under the $100,000 price point skyrocketed 49% in 2013. The market continued its upward climb in 2014, the statistic jumping to a staggering 75% annual growth. It seems as if the steady ascent of the technology can and will not be halted, due not only to the satisfaction of initial 3D printing needs, but also unforeseen fortuitous benefits in arenas not previously explored, such as music, arts, and aesthetics.

Have you ever imagined being able to transfer a vision seen only in your mind’s eye into the palm of your hand? If so, 3D printing may be your answer. What we wear is a direct representation of who we are as individuals, and your jewelry is no exception. The pieces through which you elect to represent yourself should be as “younique” as you are, 3D printing enabling this capability. The concept of 3D printed jewelry presents opportunities, options, ideas, and unbounded possibilities.

With WIZEgem, you can do just that. A revolutionary start-up, the web application (accessible via computers and tablets) enables users of all knowledge and experience levels to design jewelry to their exact specifications, their personalized product then 3D printed and expediently delivered to their door. The options are endless, including the ability to edit sizes, shapes, textures, text, and all other aspects of jewelry pieces including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. The experience truly is like nothing you have seen before, producing wearable art that is uniquely yours. Feeling formal? Create personal engraved cufflinks. Feeling sentimental? Upload a photo of your loved one to craft a locket emblazoned with their image.

The only limitation? Your imagination.

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