Organic Modeling – from WIZEgem latest release

WIZEgem has a unique and extremely simple way of creating organic 3D models.

organic modelingTraditional 3D modeling tools use sculpting or polygon/curve modeling (like “NURBS”) used by experienced modelers were users manually design in the 3D space every part of the model.
This is very time consuming with a high learning curve which is not appropriate for the non-experienced users. Also this tools are usually not parametric and do not have history tree which makes editing and customization very difficult.

WIZEgem tool is intended for users without any experience in any modeling tool. It has parametric 3D elements intended for specific purposes, some requires only simple parameter selection and some require simple manual design, like the “Rounded shape” element.

lizardThis element is part of the pendant jewelry sets. It is used to define 3D model organic parts that has oval cross-section, size and location changing along the organ “spine”. Instead of defining each section curve along the organ spine (curve modeling) or sculpting the organ (although WIZEgem support it as well), the user is only required to define the external shape, optionally internal shapes and the spine of each organ in the 2D space. The tool than mathematically and accurately generates the 3D sections based on the user simple 2D representation.

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