Kinetic jewelry

WIZEgem Kinetic enables users to easily create jewelry with moving parts

Users can choose between kinetic elements with built-in spinning mechanism (ring, pendant and bracelet) or use a connecting kinetic element, named “Axis” or “joint”, which can connect, digitally through join, any two elements. One will be the base and the other the moving element, to create a spinning jewelry. For all kinetic elements there is an option for the user (just a click of a mouse) to lock the moving part to enable printing in metal. This will automatically add a very small locking part which can be easily removed by the user after production.

Built in kinetic elements design steps – spinning ring example:

  1. Choose rings and from special ring set select spin ring
  2. Edit ring diameter
  3. Use free hand mode to edit the spinning part shape (see manual edit tutorial)
  4. For 3D printing in metal press edit button and press “lock (metal)” edit marker


Use connecting kinetic element design steps – spinning twisted vase example:

  1. Choose necklaces and from special pendants set select twisted vase
  2. Edit different parameters and use free hand mode to edit its shape
  3. Press join, go to decoration point set and select “joint”
  4. Press the “bail” join marker (this will add the “joint” element instead of the bail directly)
  5. Select the joint element in the active area and press join
  6. In decoration point set select any bail you like and press the bail marker
  7. For 3D printing in metal press edit button and press “lock (metal)” edit marker