Introducing WIZEgem Customizer

We are excited to introduce our new powerful tool for jewelry designers

WIZEgem Customizer enables designers and customers to work collaboratively, co-creating beautiful custom pieces to your exact specifications.

Now designers can provide an innovative and easy way to their customers, to customize their models online directly from their website.

It’s quick, easy, and fun.

designer tool 1

How it works?

1. Designer creates a jewelry model or upload readymade model file using WIZEgem application tool.

2. Designer receives URL specific to the new jewelry model (done by pressing “Export” followed by “Copy to clipboard”).

3. Designer places the URL within his or her website as a direct link for customization.

4. Customer clicks the designer link and starts using the WIZEgem tool.

5. Customer customizes their jewelry, saving the model to their account.

6. Designer receives a notification email (includes the customer’s email and a link to the customized jewelry model).

7. Designer uses the link to view the customer model using WIZEgem tool.

8. Designer contacts customer to finalize the design and/or close the sale.


Watch our tutorial