Extrude Shape

Creating complex 3D models using extrude

WIZEgem introducing a new jewelry element named “Extrude shape”. It is selected in the necklaces “Shape pendants” set. The extrude shape is used to form a 3D model with a desired cross section by extruding it along a defined path. WIZEgem also enables the cross section to be deformed (inflate or deflate) along the extruded path, thus creating a 3D model with a shape changing along a path. This very useful element enables the user to create a vast design possibilities.

Design steps (asymmetric heart pendant example):

  1. Select necklace jewelry type and from “Shape pendant” set select “Extrude shape” element.
  2. Press “Free” button to start the free hand mode.
  3. Select start (where “path” option is selected).
  4. Press “Delete path” to delete all current paths or edit each by selecting it.
    We define the shape by using 3 or 4 paths:
  5. Shape path – this is the base cross section of the shape. It should always be a closed path. It should be in the middle
  6. Extrude path – the path were the shape section is extruded. It does not have to be a closed path. It should be on the right.
  7. Deform paths – these one or two curves define how to deform (scale) the shape section along the extruded path, and it’s relative to it. It should be on the left side. The X is the relative point of the extruded path and the Y value is the scale factor, were 1 means no scale. If we want to scale the shape the same way for XYZ than use only one path. If not than the first one defines the XY scale and the second one defines the Z scale.
    In this example we scale only the XY dimension, and Z path is only 1 so no scale.
  8. Press done.

That’s it!!! You have your extruded 3D model.
Share your model to show how a great designer you are.