Ear Cuffs, Cuff Links, and Class Rings, Oh My!

Revolutionary Jewelry Design Platform WIZEgem Implements Exciting New Features

ear_cuff1This week, cutting edge, Israel-based start-up WIZEgem added unique advanced features, more specifically the ability to create, customize, and 3D print personalized ear cuffs, cufflinks, and class rings (in addition to the preexisting options of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings).

Within the last few days, the promising, embryonic company kick-started a true technological and aesthetic evolution. As time progresses, the organization’s evolution will surely metamorphose into a full-blown revolution of the 3D printing landscape.

Dissimilarly to the products’ names, these additions were hardly off-the-cuff. Ear cuffs are on the rise, a new niche falling under the umbrella of earrings. These pieces, however, unlike traditional earrings, do not require piercings, but rather cling to the ear easily and comfortably. This non-permanent option enables women everywhere to make a personal statement, minus the personal discomfort of piercing one’s ears. With WIZEgem, ear cuffs are highly customizable, a user able to manipulate the size, shape, color, texture, and style of the piece. Similarly, the online application presents a collection of cufflinks, from which men of all tastes and preferences, from casual to professional, may choose and personalize. The options are limitless, and after all, wise men use WIZEgem. Within the same vein, addition of customizable tie clips to the site and application hovers anticipatorily on the horizon. WIZEgem has also tapped into a long-time monopolized market, class rings for high school and college graduates. Thus far, students have only been able to customize their commemorative rings to a limited degree, paying a high price point to receive something possibly belonging to many other graduates. WIZEgem offers the ability to upload your own photos, icons, texts, textures, etc., your commemoratory piece breaking its ties to generic features and truly reflecting your personal experience.

class ringIsaac Hadad, co-founder of WIZEgem stated, “WIZEgem truly is the perfect marriage of art and technology. As a child, I always loved art. As I got older, I began to gravitate towards the technology field. My goal is for anyone who loves art, regardless of technological experience, to have the ability to create something uniquely theirs through an intuitive program and attentive customer service.” With the addition of the new features, WIZEgem caters even more so to the customer.

Our goal? For users to easily, simply, and enjoyably create something YOUniquely theirs.

Haley Barth  |  Marketing Manager