Design Your Own Wedding Ring

From personalized wedding websites, drones taking the wedding videos and robots serving during the wedding event, the hi-tech is definitely taking big step in the wedding industry.
While gadgets, technology and innovation connect and touch us in every sector and time, none can leave it out during the most important event in our life – our weeding day.

So what can be more special than design your own wedding rings?

WizeGem lets you design and create your own wedding ring. It is special, unique and can be done easily and only by you, no one else. No prior design experience, just access the web-application, use the online tutorial and start designing your personified wedding ring.
Thanks to the 3D printing technology, you can continue to create your model with one of our integrated 3D printing service providers, or simply order it directly from us via the application. We will manufacture your bespoke jewelry in any type of material and deliver it to you.
You can continue with personalized cufflinks to “him and her”, bracelet, pendant and more, to add more uniqueness and things to take with you long time after.