WIZEgem has released a new customizer plug-in

WIZEgem is already the leading online application for jewelry design. The relative novice can quickly and simply access an extremely sophisticated piece of software in order to design limitless items of jewelry online.

Now WIZEgem have released their jewelry customizer, a plug-in that can easily be integrated into any existing jewelry website. The designer merely chooses which items are available for customization and specifies which parameters can be changed. The client can use the customizer from their mobile, tablet or laptop to change the item to their own specifications. The customization process is so simple that anyone accessing the site for the first time can attempt 3D design and immediately see their item rendered in beautiful 3D.

The designer and customer can work together on a shared platform to exchange ideas and settle upon the final design. Designers will no longer have to go through the expensive and laborious process of professional CAD and mock ups. For the first time customers can easily have a hand in designing their own bespoke piece of jewelry and see it in 3D from conception to construction.

WIZEgem’s customizer is the easy to use tool that so many designers have been waiting for. It’s fun, simple and gives clients the ability to visualise their item of jewelry before it has even been created. Buying jewelry is set to become an interactive experience where the client can be sure that they are set to receive something that is perfect for them.

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