Design Your Own Wedding Ring

From personalized wedding websites, drones taking the wedding videos and robots serving during the wedding event, the hi-tech is definitely taking big step in the wedding industry.
While gadgets, technology and innovation connect and touch us in every sector and time, none can leave it out during the most important event in our life – our weeding day.

So what can be more special than design your own wedding rings?

WizeGem lets you design and create your own wedding ring. It is special, unique and can be done easily and only by you, no one else. No prior design experience, just access the web-application, use the online tutorial and start designing your personified wedding ring.
Thanks to the 3D printing technology, you can continue to create your model with one of our integrated 3D printing service providers, or simply order it directly from us via the application. We will manufacture your bespoke jewelry in any type of material and deliver it to you.
You can continue with personalized cufflinks to “him and her”, bracelet, pendant and more, to add more uniqueness and things to take with you long time after.

Organic Modeling – from WIZEgem latest release

WIZEgem has a unique and extremely simple way of creating organic 3D models.

organic modelingTraditional 3D modeling tools use sculpting or polygon/curve modeling (like “NURBS”) used by experienced modelers were users manually design in the 3D space every part of the model.
This is very time consuming with a high learning curve which is not appropriate for the non-experienced users. Also this tools are usually not parametric and do not have history tree which makes editing and customization very difficult.

WIZEgem tool is intended for users without any experience in any modeling tool. It has parametric 3D elements intended for specific purposes, some requires only simple parameter selection and some require simple manual design, like the “Rounded shape” element.

lizardThis element is part of the pendant jewelry sets. It is used to define 3D model organic parts that has oval cross-section, size and location changing along the organ “spine”. Instead of defining each section curve along the organ spine (curve modeling) or sculpting the organ (although WIZEgem support it as well), the user is only required to define the external shape, optionally internal shapes and the spine of each organ in the 2D space. The tool than mathematically and accurately generates the 3D sections based on the user simple 2D representation.

Try it today

Create Tire Tread Ring in few clicks of a mouse

Follow these simple steps to create your own unique Tire Tread Ring

  1. Click this link to open the model in WIZEgem APP (recommended in Firefox browser)
  2. Register to WIZEgem
  3. Click Edit button
  4. Click the ring diameter marker to change the ring size
  5. Click width marker to change to your favorite ring width
  6. Click top curved marker to change the outside shape
  7. Press save button
  8. Press Print button and select the 3D Printing service to place a direct order to manufacture your ring, and get it delivered to you

Tire bar 3               Watch the tutorial video

Create Golf Ring design in 10 seconds

WIZEgem enables you to change the jewelry outside texture. You can select from predefined textures in the application or upload simple picture and the application will convert it to an amazing 3D textures on your jewelry:

  1. Open (recommended in Firefox browser)
  2. Select Rings and then your favorite color for demonstration
  3. Select Wedding band under the defaults Popular rings category
  4. Press Texture button and scroll down on the left bar to select the golf texture picture.
    You can upload your own texture picture by pressing browse.
  5. Press Edit button and then press on the displayed Change texture marker
  6. Be patient…in few seconds the new ring will be displayed
  7. Save and Export/Print your design

The texture picture








Your designed Golf Ring








Press to watch the tutorial video

Create a 3D ring texture from your simple picture

WIZEgem enables you to create an amazing 3D ring texture from your simple picture, in few clicks of a mouse

WIZEgem enables you to change the jewelry outside texture. You can select from predefined textures in the application or upload simple picture and the application will convert it to an amazing 3D textures on your jewelry:

  • Upload your own picture or any other simple object picture
  • Upload any image of any format or size to be used as the jewelry texture
  • Select from predefine texture data base

Example how to create a tire ring

Your file

lol2.bmp (1)

The created texture ring

tire ring


Watch the tutorial video

Can Jewelry Design be so easy?

Thanks to the revolution of the 3D Printing, unique one-of-a-kind manufacturing including in precious metal, became more accessible. But what about the design stage? Well, this is where Wizegem comes.

WIZEgem is a web-based, jewelry design tool which is operating at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution. WIZEgem is so easy to use that it completely removes the barrier that prevents most people from designing their own 3D jewelry models. Our application enables you to go from wearer to designer with no prior experience or training.

Design it, share it with your friends, send it to production

Want to be creative with jewelry wiring?

Now with our new wire elements.
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