Meeting Startup Stars at the DLD

Earlier this month, Dan of Startup Stars got the opportunity to meet up with WizeGem co-founder Tzion Hadad to discuss the ways 3D printing is changing the way people buy and sell jewelry. WizeGem is a pioneer in the industry, making it easy for anybody to design and purchase one-of-a-kind jewelry. They were among some of the most innovative startups seen this month at DLD Tel Aviv, Israel’s annual international hi-tech gathering, featuring hundreds of startups, VCs, angel investors, and leading multinationals.

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Design Your Own Wedding Ring

From personalized wedding websites, drones taking the wedding videos and robots serving during the wedding event, the hi-tech is definitely taking big step in the wedding industry.
While gadgets, technology and innovation connect and touch us in every sector and time, none can leave it out during the most important event in our life – our weeding day.

So what can be more special than design your own wedding rings?

WizeGem lets you design and create your own wedding ring. It is special, unique and can be done easily and only by you, no one else. No prior design experience, just access the web-application, use the online tutorial and start designing your personified wedding ring.
Thanks to the 3D printing technology, you can continue to create your model with one of our integrated 3D printing service providers, or simply order it directly from us via the application. We will manufacture your bespoke jewelry in any type of material and deliver it to you.
You can continue with personalized cufflinks to “him and her”, bracelet, pendant and more, to add more uniqueness and things to take with you long time after.

Designer Spotlight: Gabriel E. Guzman

Today we would like to introduce Gabriel Guzman (Gabe), who just returned from his trunk show where he presented his jewelry collection, designed with WizeGem application and all 3D printed.

Tell us about yourself:GG-3DP

I’m a scientist by training… a biochemist with a Masters in Medical Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Infectious disease control, now chairing a Science department, and teaching microbiology at a Community College just outside Chicago.

I think I am an ‘accidental designer’. I’m not strange to designing… I attended a technical High School in my home country, where I got a Technical Drafter Diploma. So, I’m used to go through the design process.

What brought you to 3D printing?

I got into 3D printing while researching the technology and its applications to education. I am very adamant on teaching science from the hands-on perspective, and using all kinds of models (usually made out of Styrofoam) to visually explain complex concepts, and have my students play with models to help their learning. I wanted my faculty to explore the potential of 3D printing; to make it easier for their students to understand complex concepts.

I guess one thing lead to another… I manage to convince our school to invest in a few 3D printers, I started by printing models of viruses that I found on Thingiverse, and suddenly, an entire universe of ‘things’ was opened to me… I ended up investing in my first 3D printer.

The next step was to learn how to design my own things, so I didn’t have to rely on models that other people had designed.

How did you learn to design jewelry?

I didn’t know that I wanted to design jewelry until one day I downloaded a file from Thingiverse, a pair of earrings that were really beautiful, printed them and gave them to my wife. It was amazing the comments she would get… I made very simple jewelry designs, printed them in PLA and people were commenting on how beautiful they were. It wasn’t until we visited a gallery, and got invited to have a trunk show to showcase my designs, that I realize that maybe I could do something more serious with my jewelry. Something else I realized is that I truly loved to design pieces that people can actually wear!

I wanted to add more ‘sculpting’ to my pieces and started to look into other tools and software. There were other tools out there, some very expensive, almost prohibitive in price, and others that ranged from free to not-so-expensive, and I started combining them as I learned more and more about how to design for 3D printing.

Which design tool are you using?

One day, I came across WizeGem. I don’t exactly remember how… I think I was searching for specific tools for jewelry design. I decided to try and my first project was a ring. I went through the tutorials, and learned how to add my own textures, and the very basics of the app. Very soon, I recognize that WizeGem would become an integral part of my workflow, precisely because it already had templates that I could manipulate, modify, and combine with other software to incorporate my own thoughts, my own designs, and come up with something that would give me a satisfactory result. I decided to register as a premium user and I have been using the app since then.

How is your experience with WizeGem?

WizeGem has been improving with time… there are more templates, and the developer is very receptive to feedback. For example, I thought that the options for lengths of posts for both earrings and cufflinks were too limited. I wrote an e-mail suggesting different lengths, and I got a reply the same day. The changes to the app were implemented within the next two days. Now, that is fast acting upon feedback! The same thing happened with one of their newest templates for tie clips. I think WizeGem offers the opportunity to those of us that are not experts yet in the traditional design tools (Zbrush, Rhino, Blender, etc), to still come up with very unique designs in a very short period of time. There are still things for me to learn, but so far, WizeGem is an integral part of my jewelry design workflow.

Add 3D Plugin For Your Jewelry Website

 WIZEgem 3D Customizer is the world’s most advanced plugin for your own jewelry websites.

WIZEgem has released a new customizer plug-in

WIZEgem is already the leading online application for jewelry design. The relative novice can quickly and simply access an extremely sophisticated piece of software in order to design limitless items of jewelry online.

Now WIZEgem have released their jewelry customizer, a plug-in that can easily be integrated into any existing jewelry website. The designer merely chooses which items are available for customization and specifies which parameters can be changed. The client can use the customizer from their mobile, tablet or laptop to change the item to their own specifications. The customization process is so simple that anyone accessing the site for the first time can attempt 3D design and immediately see their item rendered in beautiful 3D.

The designer and customer can work together on a shared platform to exchange ideas and settle upon the final design. Designers will no longer have to go through the expensive and laborious process of professional CAD and mock ups. For the first time customers can easily have a hand in designing their own bespoke piece of jewelry and see it in 3D from conception to construction.

WIZEgem’s customizer is the easy to use tool that so many designers have been waiting for. It’s fun, simple and gives clients the ability to visualise their item of jewelry before it has even been created. Buying jewelry is set to become an interactive experience where the client can be sure that they are set to receive something that is perfect for them.

Get WIZEgem customizer today for your website

Free shipment of your 3D printed jewelry by i.materialise

Make your own Valentine’s Day Gift

At WIZEgem we believe that everyone deserve to design their own jewelry, and that your jewelry piece should be as “younique” as you are. We have created the most powerful online and easy-to-use jewelry design application, and now made it accessible to everyone free of charge, for those who will choose to continue to 3D printing.

To kick-start 2016 and provide our best service to WIZEgem community, we offer you FREE SHIPPING of all orders designed by WIZEgem and submitted to i.materialise for 3D printing.
This offer valid for entire week 25th-31st January 2016

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Ear Cuffs, Cuff Links, and Class Rings, Oh My!

Revolutionary Jewelry Design Platform WIZEgem Implements Exciting New Features

ear_cuff1This week, cutting edge, Israel-based start-up WIZEgem added unique advanced features, more specifically the ability to create, customize, and 3D print personalized ear cuffs, cufflinks, and class rings (in addition to the preexisting options of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings).

Within the last few days, the promising, embryonic company kick-started a true technological and aesthetic evolution. As time progresses, the organization’s evolution will surely metamorphose into a full-blown revolution of the 3D printing landscape.

Dissimilarly to the products’ names, these additions were hardly off-the-cuff. Ear cuffs are on the rise, a new niche falling under the umbrella of earrings. These pieces, however, unlike traditional earrings, do not require piercings, but rather cling to the ear easily and comfortably. This non-permanent option enables women everywhere to make a personal statement, minus the personal discomfort of piercing one’s ears. With WIZEgem, ear cuffs are highly customizable, a user able to manipulate the size, shape, color, texture, and style of the piece. Similarly, the online application presents a collection of cufflinks, from which men of all tastes and preferences, from casual to professional, may choose and personalize. The options are limitless, and after all, wise men use WIZEgem. Within the same vein, addition of customizable tie clips to the site and application hovers anticipatorily on the horizon. WIZEgem has also tapped into a long-time monopolized market, class rings for high school and college graduates. Thus far, students have only been able to customize their commemorative rings to a limited degree, paying a high price point to receive something possibly belonging to many other graduates. WIZEgem offers the ability to upload your own photos, icons, texts, textures, etc., your commemoratory piece breaking its ties to generic features and truly reflecting your personal experience.

class ringIsaac Hadad, co-founder of WIZEgem stated, “WIZEgem truly is the perfect marriage of art and technology. As a child, I always loved art. As I got older, I began to gravitate towards the technology field. My goal is for anyone who loves art, regardless of technological experience, to have the ability to create something uniquely theirs through an intuitive program and attentive customer service.” With the addition of the new features, WIZEgem caters even more so to the customer.

Our goal? For users to easily, simply, and enjoyably create something YOUniquely theirs.

Haley Barth  |  Marketing Manager

Introducing WIZEgem Customizer

We are excited to introduce our new powerful tool for jewelry designers

WIZEgem Customizer enables designers and customers to work collaboratively, co-creating beautiful custom pieces to your exact specifications.

Now designers can provide an innovative and easy way to their customers, to customize their models online directly from their website.

It’s quick, easy, and fun.

designer tool 1

How it works?

1. Designer creates a jewelry model or upload readymade model file using WIZEgem application tool.

2. Designer receives URL specific to the new jewelry model (done by pressing “Export” followed by “Copy to clipboard”).

3. Designer places the URL within his or her website as a direct link for customization.

4. Customer clicks the designer link and starts using the WIZEgem tool.

5. Customer customizes their jewelry, saving the model to their account.

6. Designer receives a notification email (includes the customer’s email and a link to the customized jewelry model).

7. Designer uses the link to view the customer model using WIZEgem tool.

8. Designer contacts customer to finalize the design and/or close the sale.


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Inspiration, Imagination, and Realization: The World of 3D Printed Jewelry

3D printing. These words and discussions surrounding the novel technology have been inundating media as of late, boasting benefits when applied to multitude of fields and arenas. 3D printing technology and capabilities are quickly revolutionizing our world and the way in which humans function within it, transforming concepts, ideas, possibilities and goals previously unattainable into tangible realities. 3D printed items can mitigate physical injuries, create low-cost resources, and help preserve our ever-precious (and somewhat precarious) environment and ecosystem.

Working toward this goal is Matthew Markus, co-founder of revolutionary start-up Pembient. The company uses 3D printing as a means to conserve the rare and endangered fauna of our world, more specifically the dwindling rhinoceros population. Poaching serves as the primary threat to these animals, hunted to near extinction in order to harvest their horns and sell them, for an extremely high price, on the blackmarket. The hope is that the 3D printed horns, looking nearly identical to the authentic rhinoceros ivory, will lessen the demand for the real stuff. The faux ivory would be more plentiful for sellers, as well as more reasonably priced for buyers, drastically decreasing rhino poaching.

However, 3D printing technology is gaining popularity not only in commercial organizations and business. According to, the market for personal, desktop 3D printers under the $100,000 price point skyrocketed 49% in 2013. The market continued its upward climb in 2014, the statistic jumping to a staggering 75% annual growth. It seems as if the steady ascent of the technology can and will not be halted, due not only to the satisfaction of initial 3D printing needs, but also unforeseen fortuitous benefits in arenas not previously explored, such as music, arts, and aesthetics.

Have you ever imagined being able to transfer a vision seen only in your mind’s eye into the palm of your hand? If so, 3D printing may be your answer. What we wear is a direct representation of who we are as individuals, and your jewelry is no exception. The pieces through which you elect to represent yourself should be as “younique” as you are, 3D printing enabling this capability. The concept of 3D printed jewelry presents opportunities, options, ideas, and unbounded possibilities.

With WIZEgem, you can do just that. A revolutionary start-up, the web application (accessible via computers and tablets) enables users of all knowledge and experience levels to design jewelry to their exact specifications, their personalized product then 3D printed and expediently delivered to their door. The options are endless, including the ability to edit sizes, shapes, textures, text, and all other aspects of jewelry pieces including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. The experience truly is like nothing you have seen before, producing wearable art that is uniquely yours. Feeling formal? Create personal engraved cufflinks. Feeling sentimental? Upload a photo of your loved one to craft a locket emblazoned with their image.

The only limitation? Your imagination.

designer tool 1

WIZEgem introducing Online Interactive Tutorial

3D printing is progressing rapidly; now everyone and anyone can have their ideas brought to life instantly and in a seemingly never-ending range of materials.

One of the most popular entry point ideas for the at-home designer is jewelry: relatively small and inexpensive, the inexperienced designer can create an enduring piece of wearable art in just minutes.

WIZEgem is a unique application, in that it enables users from across the spectrum to access an extremely powerful piece of software that provides unlimited options for jewelry design. Some customers that access the WIZEgem application are from a design and 3D modelling background, however the app is also aimed at the novice user.

WIZEgem now has an online, interactive tutorial that literally walks the user through the design process, making it incredibly accessible and approachable even for the uninitiated. WIZEgem’s tutorial is unique in the 3D printing marketplace; the user can learn whilst designing his or her own piece of jewelry.

This is the sort of online designing that really encapsulates the spirit of the 3D design revolution; it’s approachable, user friendly, universal and most of all great fun.