Revolutionize the way we buy products

WizeGem enables online shoppers to personalize the product easily in 3D and online before purchase

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Open a new era in online shopping

WizeGem enables online shoppers to personalize the product easily in 3D and online before purchase

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What we do

WizeGem innovative technology revolutionizes the way we buy products.
Our vision is to provide the customer the option to influence the product they buy and fit it to their exact needs. The powerful 3D engine enables them to personalize it in 3D online, be involved in the design process and buy their custom product easily, online and directly from the brand’s website.

Searching for the bespoke can be frustrating

With the massive endless of products and variations, searching for the specific model we have in our mind can be frustrating.
Consumers become more critics and creators, demanding more personalized service and the ability to shape the product they consume. According to recent Deloitte survey more than 60% of customers are looking for personalization in the Fashion&Jewelry, while still many businesses fail to provide this high demand.

Our solutions

Customizer for Retailers

WizeGem eCommerce integration enables online retailers to sell personalized products online. It provides customers 3D visualization of the model and lets them personalize it online before purchase. It can be easily integrated into any website and provides the most advanced and innovative experience for the online stores.


Design APP for all

WizeGem Design APP enables jewelry designers and simple users with no need for any previous experience, to design their personalized jewelry model, buy online and get it delivered. It is a very powerful and yet easy-to-use application, targeted for the mass market and home users.


In the future, businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalization into their offering, risk losing revenue and customer loyalty. 61% of the customers expressed an interest in purchasing personalized jewelry, while only 14% succeeded to do so in the past.

According to latest consumer review by Deloitte



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